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About Us

R.O.S.E. seeks to create change by providing awareness of financial scams that typically target the older adult population. We have seen a drastic increase in the amount of reported financial losses and our goal is to not only reduce the amount of financial losses but also reduce the number of victims.

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Melissa Alexander, Director of Program Services

Melissa Alexander

Director of Program Services

Brian Watson Community Outreach Specialist

Brian Watson

Community Outreach Specialist

Board of Directors

Joyce Petrowski, Board President, R.O.S.E.

Joyce Petrowski

Board President

Mike Maunu, Board Member

Mike Maunu

Board Member

Eamonn Ahearne, Board Member, R.O.S.E.

Eamonn Ahearne

Board Member

Tom Plachecki, Board Member,R.O.S.E.

Tom Plachecki

Board Member

Rob Guthrie, Board Member

Rob Guthrie

Board Member

Cindy Creed, Board Member

Cindy Creed

Board Member

John Penman, Board Member

John Penman

Board Member

Eric Briggs, Board Member

Eric Briggs

Board Member

Erin Elliott, Board Member

Erin Elliott

Board Member

Advisory Committee

Bill Sallurday, Advisory Committee

Bill Sallurday

Advisory Committee

Terry Finnegan, Advisory Committee

Terry Finnegan

Advisory Committee

Leighton Tyau, Advisory Committee, R.O.S.E.

Leighton Tyau

Advisory Committee

Paige Hanson, Advisory Committee, R.O.S.E.

Paige Hanson

Advisory Committee

Jon Hammond, Advisory Committee,R.O.S.E.

Jon Hammond

Advisory Committee

Dr. Martina Dove, Advisory Committee,R.O.S.E.

Dr. Martina Dove

Advisory Committee