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Liz & May

One of the best presentations I’ve attended. Presenter spoke at a great pace, very good information. The examples used applied to, me. I was reminded of old scams and learned new scams that I was not aware of like the check washing and to change passwords on a regular basis.

- Liz & May

Pecos Senior Center

FBI John

fbi john sfw

-John Iannarelli

Former FBI Agent

Pauline Hall

I have been working in Arizona for over 25 years helping our seniors. I love when I find a new group that can help and protect our seniors at the most vulnerable time in their lives. R.O.S.E. is doing just that! Their content is current and up to date. They are providing education that is relatable and easy to understand with handouts and reminders to take home and view later. I learn something new every time I watch the presentation. Every day scammers are coming up with new ways to target our seniors and R.O.S.E. is staying ahead of the game by helping us understand their tactics. Thank you so much for all you do!!!

- Pauline Hall

Medicare Specialist with Devoted Health Plans

Joe Cusack

Scottsdale Rotary Club recently hosted Joyce to discuss this important issue. Joyce is clearly a subject matter expert in this field and is passionate about it. The work she is doing leading R.O.S.E is making a difference and we are happy to support her. Thanks, Joyce - the world needs more people like you!

-Joe Cusack

Scottsdale Rotary Club

Gabby Turner

I work in the healthcare industry and I have witnessed firsthand how devastating it can be for our seniors to fall victim to scammers. Joyce and Bill have come to our primary care clinics and presented for our patients. They are very knowledgeable and while presenting we are always able to have an interactive conversation. Everyone walked away from the presentation with something new that they learned. 

-Gabby Turner

Community Outreach Coordinator for Iora with One Medical

Kristin McCann ALPD

Working in the Assisted Living industry, I have witnessed many seniors fall prey to financial scams.  Joyce came in with a wealth of knowledge to share with our residents.  They are now better able to recognize when someone is trying to take advantage of them, and what tools are available to safeguard themselves from financial scams.  Many thanks to Joyce and all those involved in R.O.S.E.

-Kristin McCann ALPD

The Oaks, a Merrill Gardens Community